Social Responsibility :-

What do we contribute to the community – Charity ??

Apart from our commitment to various educational charities such as Fakih Foundation:

“We at Krispy Chicken are now have committed 10% of our profits to support educational charities. These charities work day and night to hold hands with the most vulnerable and needy members of the society and help them to stay on their feet and enlighten themselves with the invaluable treasure of education.”

“Krispy Chicken works with the Fakih Foundation ( in providing educational scholarships , working to keep the youth off the streets, furnishing employment for widows and supporting orphans.” We also try and contribute in providing our KC meal to our brother and sisters with Ramadan food throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Krispy Chicken works very closely with the Islamic Centre, Satwa who are renowned to provide an independent help and assistance to all members of the society whether educational or material.

Education is something that every child deserves. We at Krispy Chicken recognise the importance of education children and take our responsibility to support education of deprived children seriously. At least 10% of our profit is committed to supporting educational charities.

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