About Us

Krispy Chicken is a community brand. Krispy Chicken was born in Dubai, and we celebrate the mix of cultures and tastes that make up this city. It’s what we like to call #Dubai Fusion.

Krispy Chicken started operations in 2014 in an area called Al Barsha, Dubai. Here the need for a healthy fast food was still relatively a new concept. Dubai is dynamic and a fast moving city. People don’t have much time to prepare and cook their food so the concept of eating out is extremely common.

Krispy Chicken founder Razi Fakih originally from a financial background felt he wanted to introduce a concept that would benefit the food and beverages industry yet help contribute in introducing a unique idea to a healthy taste.

What’s so unique about Krispy Chicken is that its every piece of chicken… every burger… every wrap… every drink… in fact EVERYTHING served at its restaurant goes a long way in contributing to the provision of education to the impoverished and needy members of the society.

We at Krispy Chicken are now have committed 10% of our profits to support educational charities. These charities work day and night to hold hands with the most vulnerable and needy members of the society and help them to stay on their feet and enlighten themselves with the invaluable treasure of education.

Krispy Chicken works with the Fakih Foundation (www.fakihfoundation.com) in providing educational scholarships , working to keep the youth off the streets, furnishing employment for widows and supporting orphans.

About Our Food

While Krispy Chicken proceeds to work towards achieving its aspiration to be one of the leading providers of good quality and quick service food in the region, it sticks to its promise of providing the best chicken, home-made spices and an assurance that all the products used in preparation of our products are 100% halal.

Krispy Chicken is all about 100% Natural Chicken. We make our ingredients in-house and with our own hands, so you can imagine that a lot of love and care goes into every bite of Krispy Chicken’s fried chicken, grilled chicken, burgers, wraps and nuggets. Not only that, every bite promises the most natural of all ingredients combined with nutritional value we can certainly be proud of.

Our signature sauces are prepared fresh daily instore, and promise an explosion of flavors.

The founders of Krispy Chicken have the following to say about the birth of the brand.

'Dubai has many fast food joints, however not all of them provide food that is made from quality ingredients. Krispy Chicken uses hormone-free, corn fed chicken and 100% breast meat to make its products. All products and sauces are made instore with recipes that have been developed keeping the customers’ taste in mind. In essence, we wanted to offer Good’ food… Not just Good-Looking food.'

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