About Us!

Krispy Chicken is a community brand. Krispy Chicken was born in Dubai, and we celebrate the mix of cultures and tastes that make up this city. It’s what we like to call #Dubai Fusion.

Krispy Chicken started operations in 2014 in an area called Al Barsha, Dubai. Here the need for a healthy fast food was still relatively a new concept. Dubai is dynamic and a fast moving city. People don’t have much time to prepare and cook their food so the concept of eating out is extremely common.

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Best Quality

We use hand picked ingredients fresh off the market! Your health is our first priority.

On Time

We don’t make you wait for the delicious goodness of our food!


Our chefs focus on making each morsel of food as tasty as the previous one!

Taste Food

Each meal will leave you wanting more! Yes, we’re that good.

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